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Interior Design


Design Consultation:

Our Designs’ process is very hands-on and we are known for working very intimately and close with our clients. During the initial consultation we will listen to your goals, vision, ideas, and dreams, absorbing all information to determine your design style. We then began to guide you through the entire process.

Using our experience we will form an opinion of the theme that will work for you, developing two different possibilities, we like to start with one room at a time. Our goal is to find your point reference, from helping you with the right color choice from selecting paint colors, backsplash, countertop, flooring, lighten, furniture selection, all of your decorative fixture and much more. We specialize in all custom work, pillows, drapes, art work, custom furniture design, upholstery redesign etc... All of our staff members are professionally trained, licensed, certified and equipped to provide you with outstanding service. They will expertly answer your questions, ensuring you with the prefect solutions. We have professional installers on board, which will provide you with worry free measuring and installation service. Below are some highlights for your guide, call now and schedule you free in home estimate.

Visual Concepts:

Creating unity repetition, continuity, division, rhythm and motion, focal point creating very functional views, color accomplishment.

Design Proble Solving:

Theme, characters of the design contemporary, traditional, Asian, Swedish, classical, old world, country, Tuscan, modern, shabby chic, New York, morocco, Mediterranean, southwestern and more.

Value Pattern:

Arrangements and the amount of variation light design and dark independents of colors, using colors to evoke emotions Primary (60%) Secondary (40%) Accents (20%) Pop (10%) Add on (5%).

Visual Art:

Accenture with accents and emphasize, vase, pictures, kitchen ware, wall paper, painting ,lamps, rugs, ornaments all of these items add sentimental favors, creating a very vivid expression.

Maximizing Feature:

Floors, counter tops, kitchen features, closet, ceiling fans, sink, and high show case items.

Textile Textures:

Silk, woven, velvet, cotton, stain, furniture= wood, metal, wicker, marble ect…

Budget Balancing:

When you hire a designer you never pay full price for your selections. Our goal is to help you live in style, all while maintaining your budget.

Addressing the Floor Plan:

Conception of space and illusion, furniture arrangement structural views, length, width of measurement, structuring figure.

Fabric Statement:

Texture facilitate pattern focusing on using inventive measurements on the textile allowing your imagination flow.

Strong Visuals statement:

We can customize furniture, pillows, drapers, window covering, art, colors, etc.., simplicity wrap in a cozy embrace.


Your collectibles items will be incorporated in the vision, we would like to invoke a sense of serenity connotation of health, nature and tranquility. Intrinsic setting the atmosphere harmonizing your space.

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  • BEAUTIFUL home FOTO Home Staging
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